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Jonathan Tole Consulting

Helping Agri-Food Companies Use Technology Better

Our mission is to help unlock the potential of the Agri-food industry through its people and helping companies use technology better.

Over Jonathan's career, he has gained significant exposure to change, technology and the commercial realities of the agri-food supply chain, particularly fresh produce. 

"I believe there is a vital need to help companies and their people utilise technology to improve collaboration, productivity and profitability, but also to be different and to create new possibilities."

The agri-food industry has some fantastic opportunities to help feed a growing global population, improve human health and reverse climate change. To do this whilst contributing to our communities, growing, being profitable and offering our customers value for money is the true goal.

"Whilst there are many people who can sell technology or offer consulting services, I bring deep knowledge of the cultural change required to gain the real value out of technology investments. This along with a clear understanding of how the industry works and the pressures it operates under."

“I use my ability to understand, interpret and challenge the ways of thinking of those working with food and those in technology to support better solutions through collective actions.”

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Jonathan set up Jonathan Tole Consulting (JTC) to give Agrifood companies access to resources and expertise to help them use technology better. We focus on working with stakeholders to understand the real need and to find and develop solutions that work for them, and then to guide them in learning the new ways of working with those technologies. 

This may be as simple as learning how to work better using Microsoft 365, identifying and then implementing a solution to a business opportunity or meet a customer requirement.

This could also be more complex projects like implementing a new management information system or using your data better with AI or the use of robotics.

"When looking at technology the solutions are endless. For me, it is about putting the business and its people at the centre of that change process."  

"My background has spanned many functional areas at senior positions across fresh produce businesses. Generally, successes have resulted from engaging people and delivering solutions through collaboration, creativity and the use of technology." 

In addition to the technology focus, JTC also offers companies the ability to tap into Jonathan's experience and skills to provide the bandwidth for other workstreams and projects, when internal resources are stretched. 

Please call us to talk about what your next steps could be on your digital transformation journey, or to learn how my experience can benefit you.

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