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Unlocking the Potential of Agri-food Companies

Implementation of Technologies

Technology Solution Identification

Agri-food Project Support

Agri-food Consultancy

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Implementing New Technologies or Better Utilisation of Existing.

Bringing together industry knowledge, change management experience, and technology understanding, JTC can support clients with new and existing technologies

Existing technology may be things like:

  • Microsoft Teams and 365

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

  • Grower Management systems

  • Getting value out of existing data

New technologies may include

  • ERP / MRP systems

  • Internet of Things

  • AI and machine learning

  • Robotics/automation

  • Vision systems

  • Etc.

The approach will always be people-centric and aligned with business goals and stakeholders. Adoption methods will vary depending on the technology and where the company is on their digital transformation journey.

Technology Solution Identification

When you have the day-to-day to keep running, finding time to identify solutions to opportunities or challenges can be difficult to find.

Thanks to my experience in agrifood and agritech along with my extensive network, I am able to take those areas you want to focus on, identify the need with your team, and then find appropriate solutions.

Example areas of focus:

  • ERP systems

  • Farming systems

  • Procurement systems

  • Factory systems

  • App development

  • Specific business need cases

Those solutions are reviewed with stakeholders and then with their buy-in, recommendations are submitted.

Finally, I outline an approach for implementation and the adoption of the chosen technologies.

Agri-food Project Support

Let's be honest: in Agri-food you are only as good as your last delivery, so I understand that day-to-day has to take precedence. 

This focus on customer service, despite sometimes erratic consumer purchasing patterns and crop availability challenges, often means opportunities can be missed or rushed. Yet we all know that to stand still and fail to innovate means we go backward.

I have a wealth of experience covering many functional areas in agri-food, with much of that experience in creating high-performing teams and innovation.   

I can provide this experience when you lack the internal resource to run a project or meet a deadline.

Example areas of where my skills have been used

Workshops to drive strategic projects and engagement.

Procurement support.

Product/market development support

Supply base reviews.

Business strategy planning

New business development

Innovate Agritech project management

You can learn more about my experiences and approaches by visiting my LinkedIn profile. Just click on the icon at the bottom of this page.

Agri-food Consultancy

Look at how you use technology in your business now and discuss your options for the future.

Review processes and actual practices to identify areas for improvement.

Ideally, I like to interview leaders, managers and shop floor staff to understand the business culture and determine where you are on your digital transformation journey.

These interviews provide great insight into organisational alignment, the day to day challenges and opportunities. The business culture with regards to the use of technology and therefore potential barriers and enablers to the next steps

The review should highlight quick-win opportunities and create discussion points with regards to your business strategy and how technology can support or disrupt it.

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